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The Ecommerce Merchant’s Guide to Package Tracking for Modern Consumers

Mar 18, 2021

Package tracking goes hand in hand with ecommerce. Since FedEx rolled out its first iteration of the technology—a hotline people could call with tracking number in hand—there have been a few updates following the debut of the internet and online shopping.

For example, when’s the last time you picked up a phone to ask someone where your package is? If you’re a millennial, we’re guessing it’s safe to say that you’ve never done that. For decades, shoppers have been able to hop online to check the status of their latest ecommerce buy, but that’s pretty much where evolution ended.

Ecommerce has advanced faster than anticipated. Consumer needs, wants, and behaviors are wildly different than they were in the ‘90s when Amazon was hardly a whisper. Yet package tracking has stayed pretty much the same, making it a veritable dinosaur in the age of modern digital consumerism. 

How can you keep up with today’s consumers? Is your store offering what the people want? How does the package tracking experience contribute to customer retention, long-term loyalty, and your store’s bottom line? How can you ever find the answers?!

Ready to see what’s in store? Grab your free copy of The Ecommerce Merchant’s Guide: Package Tracking for Modern Consumers and give it a read.

Show it to the boss to stir up some fresh ideas. Download it for future reference when you want to impress during your next planning meeting. Map your next big strategy around it. Print it off and give it to a friend for Christmas. Whatever you do, just make sure you end up offering a better package tracking experience to your customers—they deserve it.

The Guide to Package Tracking That Your Store Needs

The Ecommerce Merchant’s Guide to Package Tracking for Modern Consumers is our latest playbook about all things, well, package tracking. (The title is pretty descriptive, so you get the gist.) Whether you’re just looking for a reference to make sure you’re on track or you feel like you need some insight into what modern consumers are craving when it comes to customer experience, this free guide can lend a hand. 

Thumb through the pages and discover:

  • What’s so outdated about the package tracking tactics we’re used to.
  • How consumer behaviors have changed over the past few years.
  • The different types of tracking strategies available to ecommerce stores.
  • How to align your package tracking with the needs and wants of today’s consumers.
  • What evolved package tracking means to the overall customer experience.
  • And more! (There’s alllllways more.)

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