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When you find a deodorant this good, you don’t keep it to yourself! Here’s the latest buzz.

"Freedom of not smelling, I think that's huge."

"I get to go all kinds of amazing, beautiful places. Being out on the mountain for days, how do you handle body odor or cleanliness? It's difficult. Finding Lumē this year was really nice to have. It made it easier to not be smelly around folks."
- Jenny

"I really did test it for 72 hours. It worked!"

"Whenever I do chainsaw carvings, I get sweaty and dirty, especially when it's hot. No matter how hard I work, Lumē's gonna work harder for me. If you do anything that's labor-intensive, that you sweat, then you definitely need Lumē."
- Rob

"Lumē changed how everyday life is."

"For two years, I was looking for a deodorant. I was really persistent on trying to find something that worked for me. When I first tried Lumē, it worked for 48 hours. It's really comforting to know that I can use a deodorant that works."
- AnMarie

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Life changing. Outstanding. In a league of its own. Lume delivers odor control like no other natural deodorant. Don’t take our word for it, let thousands of rave reviews speak for themselves.

  • "You use this, you won't even have to use anything the next day!"
    - Tamika

  • "This is the first time since I've been an adult that I've experienced an odor-free day."
    - Brittney

  • "It was created by an OB-GYN so you know it is LEGITIMATE, and it is PHENOMENAL!"
    - Annabel

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