Holiday Best practices

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Quick Guide to Holiday Best Practices for Ecommerce

Nov 28, 2021

Preparing. Enduring. Analyzing the carnage results. 

Ahh, the lifecycle of being an ecommerce merchant during the holidays. Every retailer knows that the holiday shopping season is the time to thrive, and the results from the consumer spending spree could catapult growth and scaling well into the new year.

With so much riding on success, and the pressure turning up to simply do the best thing for your store and customers, it’s important to pump the brakes and check your strategies (twice, if ya got time). Filtering out the noise and not blowing your budget on tools or ideas advertised as foolproof, though, can prove to be a challenge.

That’s why we put together a short guide to holiday best practices by Route. 

Shipping Protection, Order Claims, and Damaged Packages

These are all concerns and occurrences that can put a damper on the holly jolly holidays for everyone involved, sellers and buyers alike. However, with a little planning and the right tools, you can face any delivery hurdle head on. 

Route is the total post-purchase package. It’s the platform that empowers ecommerce merchants of any size to proactively engage with their customers from order through delivery. Real-time shipping updates alleviate holiday stress while simple self-serve claims take the burden of resolving every lost or stolen package off your plate. After all, we know you have a sleigh full of other issues to worry about during the holidays. 

Grab this free quick guide to Route’s Holiday Best Practices and get ready to jingle bell rock this year.

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