How Route helped a high-end clothing retailer stay true to their brand
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canoe club

Canoe Club is a contemporary menswear retailer that provides its customers with the world’s most innovative designer brands. Canoe Club prides itself on providing customers with both superior fashion and superior experiences.

Industry: Menswear
Platform: Shopify
Employees: 50
Boulder, CO



Canoe Club provides its customers with exceptional menswear hand-selected from the world’s top designer brands. Customers who visit the brand’s brick and mortar store are enveloped in upscale, modern rustic surroundings and those who shop online are guaranteed a similarly luxe experience. At Canoe Club, experience is everything and a passionate fanbase has been showing their appreciation for Canoe Club for 3 years.


Being the “good guy,” put Canoe Club in an awkward position

With designer clothing comes designer prices and providing refunds to customers with lost, stolen, and damaged packages is not cheap. “The number of calls we receive about lost and stolen orders drives us all crazy; each call forces us to question how much we trust our customers. We either have to be the bad guy and say, ‘No we’re not covering it,’ or we’re on the hook for hundreds of dollars. Trying to resolve those calls in a way that felt true to our brand was never happening.  It never felt like there was a good outcome,” says Sarah Halvorson, COO. Items in Canoe Club’s store can retail for $2000 or more and with each item hand-picked for the season, they’re also in limited supply. As a result, customer support reps were put in the unsavory position of choosing between hours of frustrating calls with carriers or taking massive hits to their bottom line.

canoe club

“We either have to be the bad guy and say, ‘No we’re not covering it,’ or we’re on the hook for hundreds or thousands of dollars. Trying to resolve those calls in a way that felt true to our brand was never happening. It never felt like there was a good outcome” -Sarah Halvorson, COO


Putting policies in place that improve customer experience, no matter the situation

Given the luxury nature of their products, customer expectations were understandably high and Canoe Club needed a more customer-centric way of dealing with shipping loss that wouldn’t break their bottom line. These needs were top of mind for Sarah, an ecommerce legend with twenty years of experience. “When I first came across Route, I was blown away! This exact product is something I’ve been waiting for my entire retail life and it’s met and exceeded my expectations.”

Before Route

  • Resolving claims took hefty emotional tolls on customers and support reps


  • Spent hours working with carriers to get updates on package resolutions


  • Filed claims with carriers only to be reimbursed a fraction of the loss, if at all


  • Putting the customer first led to thousands of dollars in losses annually

After Route

  • Clear processes for handling claims, allowing Canoe Club to be the “good guy” without sacrificing the bottom line


  • Drastically cut time spent resolving issues, enabling the team to focus on strategy


  • Boosted revenue and never had to worry about “bad faith” customers


  • Maintained their perception as a high-end brand that puts customer experience first


"With Route, it's a much better customer experience"

Adding Route to their post-purchase experience empowered Canoe Club to give each customer a white-glove experience, no matter the situation. “The magic of the product, whether people choose it or not, is that we still have a path to be the good guy,” said Sarah. “If the customer selected Route, we redirect them to Route’s website, and we know they’re taken care of. If they didn’t, we remind them that we’ve taken steps to protect their purchases, we empathize with them, and we come to some sort of secondary resolution. Either way, it’s a much better experience.”

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